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Dynamic light word advantage in high-rise buildings in

  Since led energy-saving features, LED lighting project has entered the city, a lot of iconic landscape, lighting engineering, lighting LED night are beginning to use this type of energy-saving solid colored colorful new light. Traditional urban lighting is power, the building is generally used passive light, its power consumption is very large. If LED lighting active light manner, its power consumption is only 1/20 of passive light lighting the way.
  LED light emitting dynamic character to the appearance in the form of text or logo, mounted on top of buildings or walls, use led as light source, use bright LED chip, using the control systems, text or logo on the dynamic video control were unique design makes the traditional outdoor advertising may have a new, its color richness far beyond the limitations of traditional neon lights, coupled with the relative power-saving features, and led long life, while significantly reducing the maintenance costs.
  Future market outdoor advertising signs, led technology will complement each other with neon lights, led light its significant advantages of energy saving, long life, etc., serve as an increasingly important role in the outdoor advertising lighting. Built-in led light source in solid light with excellent visual appeal, color and soft, rich dynamic effects. At the same time led a low-voltage operation, safe and reliable, the service life and maintenance costs, compared to neon and other light sources, it has incomparable advantages.
  Compared with the neon lights, LED light emitting dynamic character than by presenting strip lamp structure, but of independent control of each LED lamp dot matrix, so change is extremely rich. It is different from the light boxes, signs and magnetic flap passive light, but take a single point active light, thus indicating a more uniform effect. The use of advanced communication and control technology, LED light emitting dynamic character control system entirely by semiconductor circuits, so the possibility of mechanical failure as the magnetic flap that does not appear. While controlling the voltage between 5-12 volts, quite safe to use.
  Currently neon word due to the high power consumption, high failure rate and conversion rate of light emission shortcomings, has not been accepted by the majority of customers. We launched the LEDLED light emitting dynamic character with high brightness, display dazzling changeable, long life and very energy-saving features, will be recognized by users in this area.
  In simple terms, LED light emitting dynamic character advantages: good advertising effectiveness. A combination of dynamic and static display, rich and varied display, low operating costs, high security design and high life, can greatly increase your investment's ROI, so advertisers and advertisers with limited funds, we can deduce unlimited wonderful advertising content to maximize the advantages of outdoor advertising media, the true realization of a win-win investment in advertising and advertising users.