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About LED exposed light Description

  LED luminous characters luminous characters into the built-in and exposed light both put in the position according to the lamp LED luminous characters. Exposed light by color into monochrome, colorful and full-color light word. Monochromatic light word by word shell hole lay by monochromatic light leakage components. Colorful exposed light word by word shell lay holes, leakage and colorful lights, colorful controller configuration, you can then play lights colorful gradient. Full-color exposed light word word by the shell lay the hole, and full-color leakage light, full-color controller configuration, make use of professional software program files into SD card, SD card into full-color controller, then hit the light leakage luminous characters, you can play FLASH animation, character animation, the effect is very high grade.

  LED exposed light features:
  1, LED waterproof string lights simplify, arbitrary, give full play to the advantages of point light sources, any combination, reflecting the randomness, let LED exposed luminous characters, large outdoor LED advertising signs made easier!
  2, special bayonet design, drilling directly after installation, quick installation time, ensuring a reliable connection at the same time rid itself of manual welding, to avoid the LED by latent damage, greatly shortening the production cycle, reduce installation and maintenance costs, reduce bad loss, solve the engineering and maintenance led advertising signs difficult situation!
  3, all kinds of sheet can be used (such as circuit boards, aluminum plate, iron, stainless steel, etc.)!
  4, using Taiwan's high-power LED chips, light intensity, light color consistency, color saturation is good, long life, shock, low light fades and other features, to ensure product quality!
  5, product quality scientific waterproof (IP68) compression performance, all-sealed plastic program, you can soak in the bottom will not water, to ensure that products for outdoor use.
  6, in parallel, breaking the traditional "one does not light, all lights neither bright" shortcomings!
  7, energy saving, an average of about 300 - 400 words outdoor LED lights, the power consumption of about 15 watts, that is lit eight hours a day, 8 days power of about 1 degree!
  8, allowing users to use in a more secure environment, ideal for outdoor light, signs and home decorative lighting applications, and increased visual distance!
  9, intelligent control system can produce gradient, jump, chase and other effects, and asynchronous and synchronous control, random order, to meet different user requirements!