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Advertising signs custom design flow

A pair of billboard design and production seemingly simple, actually he has a set of strict procedures, are indispensable, such as no on-site investigation, could not come up with the design, with the design of a variety of factors must also be based on the construction site, etc. may consider the feasibility of construction scheme, signs advertising effectiveness and impact assessment, and draw construction plans, processing and production technology to predict the feasibility, engineering quotes, transportation and final construction. So an advertising signboard is how to do it? What steps have to go through?

* Research phase

This stage is mainly used to determine the design size according to the requirements of advertisers and advertising investors need to meet functional; comprehensive understanding of the characteristics of each sign face element composition, function, style, social and historical background, the sign face material, etc., especially understand the design teacher creativity and design intent that determines lighting design style and environment of unity.

* Analysis Phase

According transfer stage design ideas come to determine the need to focus on lighting engineering exhibit content, prominent personality lighting; determining major and minor observation point; determine the overall guidelines, including the distribution of brightness and hue of the entire sign face .

* Design concept stage

After understanding the situation on the basis of research and analysis completed, we entered the design concept.

* Design phase

Advertising signs designer will implement research and analysis in the respective billboard surface and draw the corresponding renderings and design solutions for advertisers and experts for review.

* Cost Budget

Cost of staff in accordance with the design quote, and then determine the program and the cost to the owner

Delivery of the deposit contract

* Construction drawing

Engineers finished drawing construction drawings based on design

* Processing production production

Factory production and processing according to the Department of Design and Engineering Department determined after design.

* Make a good sign and will be shipped to the construction site accessories


Installed by the qualification certificate of construction workers construction.


After Party units and then delivered by acceptance Use


All product materials are within the scope of warranty repair or replacement (except for vandalism or damage caused by force majeure), outside the warranty period For local repair process, only to receive material and labor costs.