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led light word design steps and precautions

  Step / methods:
  1, light word design includes paintings font and font holes are arranged to produce renderings, construction drawings paintings draw painting Fonts Fonts side hole paintings available software coreldraw9 or coreldraw12 to paint, the size of the painting when there are two general according to the customer The typeface and size according to customer requirements to design and customize the font and size (Note ︰ when designing fonts should be chosen Founder, neat fonts, easy to rows of holes, generally use Founder series fonts or bold)
  2, the holes are arranged coreldraw12 use software such arrangement hole, pay attention to the actual needs of the production of the pixel pitch, the final renderings
  3 Make renderings. The effect of the dynamic effects of the production into effect two and static effect diagram, static renderings available software photoshop or coreldraw production, production is generally carried out in the field to take effect photograph, after the effect of making closer to post-installation
  4 draw draw construction plans drawn according to the actual situation and after consultation with the customer drawing software (autoCAD, photoshop, coreldraw, etc.) on the construction plans should reflect the specific location of installation, dimensions, materials, etc., should be as detailed as possible.
  5, LED light string plug-in installation and wiring, string lights should be noted that in making the positive and correct negative connection. Production is divided into monochromatic light string light string production.
  6, the installation of luminous words. Luminous characters plastic mounting main surface mount, wall mount, installation, welding, fonts installed behind aluminum slats tripod installation, vertical installation five

  Unique double-loop ring design, welding wire design, eliminating the interruption caused by the phenomenon of poor contact, ensure job stability loop;
  Sheet thickness using the same material, board formation, smooth
  Use of light and material requirements, light symmetry, color reproduction is good.
  Production technology and production process to distinguish between ordinary mode is that the cabinet accepted exquisite spot welding, repeatedly grinding, leveling, polishing process, to hold clean paint, automotive sheet metal spray painting process and the process is not different