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What should pay attention to the production of epoxy resin luminous characters?

  Commercial market economy so businesses are gradually increasing competition, and businesses can improve their image improve the competitiveness of the business, the first door signs advertising on behalf of their own image of the most important part of the increasingly changing, from the early development of inkjet to digital printing to now apply acrylic luminous characters, to today's Seiko epoxy resin luminous characters. The word luminous resin has become the representative of the commercial mainstream high-end image. Conform to mainstream advertising signs decorated with simple needs analysis under matters relating to the production of epoxy resin luminous characters to note:

  First point: epoxy resin LED luminous characters to compare compared to ordinary word luminous resin, the advantage provided higher optical mirror surface, full surface of the resin casting, so a little high and intermediate strokes radian sense, giving a more visually soft and delicate beauty, while full well rounded.

  The second point: clever use of LED luminous refraction inversion principle, the need to use the word white reflective paint inside. And other luminous characters are very different light refraction, the light-emitting surface evenness was strengthened when, play the greatest degree of uniformity of light, hue by a professional dye manufacturers increase can be made very bright colors, there are currently red , green, blue, yellow, orange, white, purple, coffee, pink and other multicolor, but also according to customer requirements color palette, because of the importance of the transmittance of the material so now we have to do a high degree of light degree of transparency. Fully meet the needs of different customers.

  The third point: pay attention to the word luminous resin surface without spot market now commonly used in acrylic luminous characters whose font thickness must be between 10 and 12 cm, and why this is because the thickness is less than the spot 10 cm font surface will be very obvious? thickness of more than 12 cm and will reduce the transmission rate; this problem does not occur in the word luminous resin, and epoxy resin luminous characters with guide light transmittance dodging effect, greatly reducing flare occurs, or even eliminate the spot appear.