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The main product advantages led signs

  Brand design, production and installation of various light-emitting word production machinery and equipment, luminous characters billboard at reasonable prices close to the people. 10 years of experience precipitation, accumulated a wealth of practical experience, has developed into a set design, processing, production, installation, maintenance in one of the professional engineering company led advertising.
  A group of professional design, manufacture and installation and maintenance team, with advanced production equipment and technology, improve construction safety management system and after-sales maintenance service system. Companies specializing in the production of large led light word, acrylic luminous characters, stainless steel luminous characters, led hyun color signs, to undertake large-scale projects led billboards, roof / floor body led billboard project, led advertising screen large roof projects.
  Stop-led real estate signs real estate, business buildings, industrial parks, institutional buildings, hotels, banks, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and other roof / floor body led advertising signs engineering, KTV, leisure clubs, bars, restaurants and other night games: the use of premises engineering, as well as advertising and media investment company billboards. Companies always uphold the "quality first, integrity management, production safety, sincere service" concept, and establish a good image, won the trust of many customers, and enjoys a good reputation and word of mouth