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Design Principles LED outdoor billboard

First, billboards System Program yardstick

1. The layout plan yardstick

2. brightness and color according to

3. feasibility plan yardstick

The peace plan yardstick

5. Easy handling and maneuverability plan yardstick

Second, Screen placement method

1. The wall mount: the performance curtain back * walls, and firmly on the wall This method is a common approach, and easier to complete.

2. sitting upright: the performance curtain sitting on the platform most likely to complete this method, premise to allow the adoption of such a place should be given priority placement method.

3. Mosaic: the performance screen embedded in a wall box soon see this method, if the wall is not enough depth projections shall, where appropriate, its protection.

4. Side Mount: the performance curtain sided force, side hung between two or post this construction method is often used in the body of the screen Kongkuo garden hanging, hanging two columns based on the request screen body structures.

Third, the layout plan

Material choice

Angle adoption as an important body of the screen frame material, anti-corrosion, fire-resistant disposal.

1. The box layout

Adopt big box layout, cabinet material polished, galvanized, plastic disposal, with waterproof / corrosion-resistant effect. Box with thin, light weight, high strength, adoption placement guarantee the accuracy of positioning column skills and other characteristics.

2. The frame layout

Since the adoption of the scale of the box layout, making the screen body frame layout is simple, resettlement process of positioning accuracy and Screen is easy to control, ensure the flatness of the entire screen.

3. Connect the layout

Soldering connection methods adopted and adjoining parts and use, simple and easy, you can ensure that the connection strength, while improving placement obey screen body.